The Legendary Body Electric Studio - Los Angeles

Not everyone is going to like Body Electric and that’s OK. I’m not trying to sell it to the masses; I’m just trying to be the best at what WE do.
— Brian Keith Thompson

Excellent Staff

Clean, consistent and dependable. Body Electric bears the finest staff to newcomers and habitual clients.  Attentive and optimistic, we create a rare yet friendly environment that encourages new ideas and aim to provide superior products and services every single day. With an evolving industry we remain passionate, hardworking and confident in our ability to adhere to your individual needs. 

Experienced Tattoo Artists

Home to some of the greatest tattooers in the industry, Body Electric artists demonstrate only the highest level of expertise and display exceptional attention to detail in our work.  Adopting inspiration from a wide range of homegrown artists and foreign influences, we are continuously experimenting with new tools and techniques to advance our skills, provide valuable insight to our clients and maintain innate curiosity. We understand body modification is a matter of personal taste and make a promise to guide you comfortably through your experience.

We Provide:

  • Customized Art 
  • Color or Black & Grey 
  • Cover-Ups
  • Realism, Japanese, Tribal, Anime, Traditional, American, Lettering, Bio-Mechanical and other various styles.  
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Sterilization & Cleanliness – It’s In The Details

Equipment for tattooing is sterilized through the use of an Autoclave, which uses heat, steam and pressure to sterilize tools.
Our autoclaves are spore tested and monitored monthly, and out test results are posted in our lobby for your viewing.
All needles are single use.

If you look around, you will not see another place cleaner than this on f****** earth. I tell people if they want to be badass, then be badass from the ceiling to the f****** floor.
— Brian Keith Thompson

Exclusive Private Piercing Salon

Body Electric is proud to provide a luxurious, sterile and enjoyable piercing salon to its clientele. Certified with over ten years of experience and current in OSHA Bloodborne Pathogen Prevention & Infection Control training, Brian is a remarkable piercer committed and equipped to meet all of your body modification needs.  From a basic earlobe piercing and multipoint surface piercings to advanced genital projects and earlobe stretching, we’ve got you covered.

We stock only the highest quality body jewelry from local manufactures including Anatometal, Industrial Strength, Neometal and Body Vision.


Piercing setups are sterilized on site at the time of the piercing by the use of a fast-running autoclave called a Statim 2000. This is all done in the time it takes to fill out a release form and familiarize yourself with our preferred method of aftercare. Our autoclaves are spore tested and monitored monthly, and our test results are posted in our lobby for your viewing.

There’s many places you can go for low quality stuff, but I want to be the place you go for the finer side of things. Sometimes it just feels good to save up a little bit and then get something really badass. It’s your body, your face, put a little money into it.”

“I love it because it’s always different no matter what. I don’t care how many nostrils you do, each one is completely different from the next. It’s a challenge, it’s fun and I have such a blast doing it.
— Brian Keith Thompson